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Results of the first day of the Forum

Plenary session

The Plenary Session titled “High Technologies – the Determining Factor for Sustainable Development of the Advanced Machine Building Industries of National Economies” has become the key event of the first day of the Engineering Technologies 2012 Forum.

When delivering his speech at the event, Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation Denis Manturov announced the era of the new industrialization in Russia. According to him, the image of the industry will be determined by the four main directions: lifecycle management, new engineering systems, new materials and industrial infrastructure of the new type.

Addressing the main challenges that the industry is facing, he noted a need for the production to be based on advanced technologic principles. “We need to give up on the principle of creating “natural economies” and place a stake on establishment of centers of technical excellence instead”, he stressed. Besides, he believes that a role of bank credit interest rate subsidies must be enhanced among the tools to support enterprises of the industry, which will help not only meet the industry’s demand for financial resources, but also develop the banking system.

Speaking of the candidate pool development, D. Manturov underlined that what is needed it now is to considerably upgrade the professional training system. “We need to co-operate with the Ministry of Defense, industry and professional institutions to establish new requirements to education; we are in need of competent specialists. Besides, we must redevelop the intermediate vocational education sector on a new basis”, – he said.

First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Engineering Union, First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee for Industry Vladimir Gutenev stated, in his turn, that an obstacle to modernization of production and creation of innovative products by domestic enterprises is low profitability of their operations. “Profitability in the machine-building industry must not be lower than in raw material industries”, he said. A minimum level of profitability that must be secured at a legislative level is 15%.

Sergey Borisov, President of Opora Russia All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization of Small and Medium-Sized Businesses, shared his view of the factors that influence development of the machine-building industry. According to him, currently, economic growth is largely promoted by small and medium businesses. “What is valued now is the time-to-market of a new product, flexible decision-making and dynamic development. Small and medium businesses demonstrate all these features, which is why they stand to win and are able to sweep global markets”, he said.

Attendees of the plenary session paid a closed heed to the issue of Russia’s joining the World Trade Organization. According to Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation Andrey Vorobyov, “machine builders quite often address this matter trying to avoid threats to the industry. What really matters today is to make sure that the parliamentary party gets specific proposals that may protect our industry from collapse”.

Chairman of the board of directors of Alcatel Lucent Philippe Camus, in his turn, underlined that integration with the global economic area will enhance competition. “Competition is extremely beneficial for the industry. We try to ensure it whenever we can in any industry, and it always pays back”, he added.
Business program

27 July saw an extended meeting of the Coordination Committee of the Public Councils under the Federal Authorities. Its attendees summarized performance of the public councils in Q1 of 2012, discussed an increase in the role of public councils in project appraisal and decision-making. Speakers of the event addressed the issues revealed in work and proposals aimed at improvement of performance of public councils.

The round-table discussion titled “Development of business and innovative activities in the industry” arranged by the Committee for Industrial Development of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, TEC Russia JSC and Russian Engineering Union drew attention of the attendees to the matters of public private partnership in the domestic industry. Reporters shared their problems and experience accumulated in various industries.

Besides, on the first day of the Forum ET-2012, launch of the open competition of civil innovative projects of enterprises of the Russian defense industry complex was announced. The competition was initiated by Russian Technologies State Corporation; Director General of the Corporation Sergey Chemezov was elected the chairman of the competition organizing committee.

The aim of the competition is to engage DIC enterprises in development of innovative economy, assist in realization of their potential in design, manufacture and market promotion of civil high-tech products.

The competition is held in four directions such as “The best development of a world-level innovative product”, “The best innovative product”, “The best innovative business” and “The best team of investment project managers”.

Contracts of the first day

The first day of the Forum ET-2012 saw signature of a set of agreements concluded by Russian Technologies State Corporation and its holding companies with Russian and foreign counterparts. A total of six international agreements were signed, including three with Russian counterparts.

Specifically, New Technologies Innovative Fund set up by the corporation in co-operation with Russian Venture Company intends to finance 210 projects and spend 4 bln roubles on these purposes. Key directions of the co-operation will be creation and development of innovative infrastructure, including business incubators and multiuse centers, creation and development of seed and venture capital funds, creation and development of an expert community in the innovative sphere and conduct of analytical research. It is also planned to set upon joint development and holding of learning and training programs aimed at advanced training in the innovative sphere.

A subject matter of another agreement was delivery of LADA cars to Peru, Ecuador and Bolivia and their maintenance.

Material contracts were concluded in aircraft and helicopter industries. In particular, RPO Irkut JSC and Aviacapital-Service LLC signed an agreement to the contract for delivery of short- and medium-range aircraft that implies transfer of an option to 35 boards of MS-21 into a fixed contract. It should be noted that Russian Technologies SC and United Aircraft Corporation signed an agreement for co-operation in design and promotion on the home and international market of MS-21 advanced aircraft complete with an engine unit based on PD-14.
Russian Helicopters consummated a transaction with the French company Turbomeca to procure maintenance, running repair and overhauls in Russia of Turbomeca engines for Ka-226T and Ka-62 Russian helicopters. Repair operations will be performed by a subsidiary of Helicopter Service Company JSC – Ural Works of Civil Aviation JSC.

Besides, an agreement was signed between Russian Technologies SC, Telconet Fund and Metalloinvest Holding Company JSC for co-operation as a part of international projects in the mining industry in order to implement a program that would help bring Russian companies’ aspirations to invest money in platinum metal mining and processing in fields of the Republic of Zimbabwe and South African Republic in line with capabilities of Russian Technologies SC to ensure the transfer of Russian technologies.

Russian Technologies SC, Rosoboronexport JSC and EVROFINANCEMOSNARBANK JSB JSC signed a memorandum of co-operation in arrangement abroad of aftersales service and procurement of spare parts for special-purpose machinery of Russian manufacture.

On the first day of the event, strategic partner of the Forum ET-2012 Novikombank signed a set of agreements for co-operation with large Russian enterprises. Specifically, an agreement with Orion Concern provides for the development of international and domestic settlements, introduction of advanced technologies of Concern’s financial management by Novikombank specialists. Besides, Orion will get access to the experience of Novikombank as related to international co-operation and arrangement of investment project financing.

Agreement with RPC Optic Systems and Technologies provides for comprehensive banking service and financing of development programs. With due regard to extensive experience and strong business links of Novikombank, the Concern intends to attract credit resources to finance its activities and export contracts on the most beneficial terms.

Another agreement concluded by Novikombank provides for co-operation with RT-Biotechprom JSC as related to financial support of implementation of holding projects in provision of advanced medical equipment to healthcare institutions all over the Russian Federation. Parties’ plans also include fund raising for development of the enterprises being a part of the Holding and construction of new production capacities in biotech, medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Demonstration program

A true decoration of the first day of the Forum ET-2012 was a special demonstration program titled “The Invincible and Legendary”. The one-hour performance included display of the Kremlin regiment and exhibitory run along routes of the field of Motofreestyle sport team.

The obstacle line and run route were conquered by special-purpose vehicles Trecol, Tiger, Scorpion, German trucks Unimog. The display continued with KamAZ and Ural trucks and armored fighting vehicles. The show ended with the performance of light and heavy armor: BMP-3 and BTR-80, tanks -90 -80, upgraded T-90, self-propelled gun MSTA and armored maintenance-recovery vehicle BREM-1.

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