With the support of The Military-Industrial Commission under the Government of the Russian Federation

Demonstration Program

August 16 and 17 are traditionally the days of mass attendance and military and patriotic upbringing of young people. The Demonstration Program is to become an outstanding event for guests and participants of Forum “Engineering Technologies 2014” and exhibition “Oboronexpo 2014” these days.

The following events will be held at Ramenskoye air field as part of the demonstration program:

Large-scale specialized military equipment show as part of “Invincible and Legendary” military patriotic program:

  • Fascinating weapons and military equipment show at a training area built specifically for this purpose.
  • Showcasing of grenade and small-arms weapon to foreign official delegations at a special training area.
  • Demonstration of capabilities of state-of-the-art civil and military equipment..

“Invincible and Legendary” Photo Gallery

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Fast and Furious Auto Air Show: demonstration speed races between modern race cars and various aircraft models:

  • Famous Russian military test pilots flying multipurpose jet fighters MIG-29, Su-30 and fighter trainers YAK-130, L-39.
  • Stars of the Russian motor sport, champions of Russia, participants of Russian and international race series.

“Fast and Furious” Auto Air Show 2014 Photo Gallery

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Equipment display at static display areas of the exhibition complex:

  • Large-scale exposition of armored and wheeled vehicles at open-air display areas. Authentic weapons, military equipment and civil engineering products: upgraded Ò-90À tank, self-propelled howitzer, and URAL and KAMAZ trucks.
  • “Autoexotika”: exhibition of unique cars in the following categories: retro, tuning, sport and custom, special makes, unique, iconic makes and models , motorbikes and FAN club cars.

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