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Buildup regulations

Dear Exhibitors and stand contractors!

Please pay your attention to the basic positions of the Guide of the Participant, that deal with your participation at ETF-2012.

1. The full list of services you can find in your Personal Web Office. Please note that all mentioned services within the territory of ETF-2012 shall be rendered only by JSC Aviasalon or by company’s accreditated in the Directorate.

2. Access to the territory. Access to the territory of the Exhibition during mounting, working hours and demounting of the Exhibition shall be provided by passes in compliance with the time period stated therein, with the document of identification.

3. Entry/removal procedure. The entry to the Exhibition territory of lorries and passenger transport intended for loading/ unloading shall be subject to payment and having a pass. The maximum stay time of a vehicle within the Exhibition territory shall be 4 hours.

For the purposes of ordering and obtaining a single pass, you should refer to the official forwarding agent of the Exhibition – “EXPO-M”,LLC.


44, Marshala Timoshenko str., Moscow, Russia, 121359
Tel. : +7(495) 933 48 30 / 31 / 32
Elena Ruleva ext. 413, ruleva@expo-m.ru

4. Loading and unloading operations. Forwarding services, customs clearance of exhibition goods and stand equipment is performed by the official forwarding agent of the ETF-2012 EXPO-M, LLC company. Loading/unloading operations with mechanized aids shall be performed only by specialists and aids of EXPO-M, LLC, official forwarding agent of the Exhibition. Use of mechanized aides (including motor vehicles equipped with load lifting manipulators) and personnel of other organizations shall not be allowed.


44, Marshala Timoshenko str., Moscow, Russia, 121359
Tel. : +7(495) 933 48 30 / 31 / 32

Kalinin Andrey ext. 312, kalinin-andrey@expo-m.ru
Mob.+7(910)400 2400

Nikolaev Vyacheslav, nvv@expo-m.ru
Mob.+7(916)601 65 65

5. Construction of stands.
All works on Exhibition stand construction, decoration and supplementing with additional Exhibition equipment shall be performed by the Exhibition General Stand Builder. Invitation of outside developers to perform mounting-demounting and decoration works shall be permitted only for construction of Custom Build Exhibition stands and with coordinated technical documents available .
If you delegate performing of construction, electrical installation and decoration works to the external company, make sure to bring the new “list of the documents necessary for coordination of technical documentation” (The Guide of the Participant) to its notice.

The list of the documents necessary for coordination of technical documentation: 

  • Original of the certificate on compliance to international standards of the GOST R ISO 9000 series (the original to be returned) or notarially certified copy of the specified documents;
  • Letter of authorization for stand (chalet) construction on a headed paper issued by the participant in the Exhibition;
  • Letter with the name of the company for which Exhibition stand is constructed with the list of equipment and materials to be imported and exported;
  • Project of the stand including drawings and views in isometric perspective;
  • Detailed plan of the stand specifying all the dimensions with description of all types of construction materials;
  • All electrical connections of the stand specifying power voltage, maximum load power for each unit of equipment, points of connection of electrical equipment with comprehensive description of conventional designations and specification of total power on the stand;
  • Certificates of compliance for all the materials and structures used for stand construction including electrical engineering, acts of flame-retardant treatment of flammable materials used for stand construction;
  • License for the right to design a two-stage stand with the positional plan of the structure element enclosed;
  • Drawings for construction of a two-stage stand specifying all the dimensions in scale 1:100 with sectional views signed by the engineer with the stamp of the organization developed the project of the stand;
  • List of electrical engineering personnel (on the headed paper of organization) involved in electric wiring of the stand signed by the director of the developer;
  • Copy of the register of electrical engineering personnel knowledge assessment;
  • Copy of orders on appointment of the person responsible for electrical works and occupational safety;
  • Photocopies of certificates of electrical engineering personnel specified in the list (not lower than the third class of electrical safety), including qualification credit;
  • Constructors and architects professional liability insurance policy;
  • Permission of the special fire department No. 45

Manager for cooperation with foreign stand builders Evgenia Korochenskaya, tel.: +7 (495) 989-26-63. E-mail: evgenia@expo-link.ru.

Please pay attention to the Fire fighting and safety regulations mentioned in The Guide of the Participant.

All the materials used for stand building should have Fire certificates according to the Russian legislation. You can also be obliged to cover your materials with special fire-safety compound.

The Fire department 45

1 Garnaeva str., Zhukovsky 140186, Moscow region, SI Special department of FFD No. 3, special department No. 7,
Tel.: (495) 556 32 63, contact persons –  Sergey M. Burmistrov, Vyacheslav S. Kozlov

Unfortunately, you can contact them in Russian only.

Procedure of execution and coordination of technical suspensions:

In order to coordinate technical suspensions it is necessary to complete the form P-1 (see Annex No.2  The Guide of the Participant) for hanging the structure with its brief description and to submit the stand and structure project. Coordination of technical hangings is performed on a paid basis. The above mentioned form and documents please send to Natalya Shipina, nk@forumtvm.ru.

-1 Form

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