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Memo for Participants

Dear Forum Participant,

There is only a short time left before the Forum Engineering Technologies 2012. We hope that your company is able to prepare for the Forum as it planned to and it is going to have success at the Forum. Below please find information that you might find helpful in your preparation for the Forum
During the Forum, its territory will be open for participants from 8.00 a.m. until 07.00 p.m., and from 10.00 a.m. until 06.00 p.m. for specialists and visitors.

There is a possibility to extend your work time at the Forum during the installation time, the Forum itself, and disassembly work. You can also extend the time assigned for installation/disassembly. Both can be done for an extra fee and at least 24 hours in advance.

1.   Access to the territory of TEC RUSSIA during the Forum.

Entrance to the Forum’s territory will be available through the examination area.
It is allowed to bring into the Forum’s territory hand luggage not exceeding the following dimensions:  60 cm 40 cm 30 cm.

It is prohibited to bring into the Complex’s territory sharp and bladed objects, weapons, explosive, flammable and toxic substances, narcotics and tools for their administration, food and beverages in glassware.
Please be advised that all property and equipment that you carry in/out can be examined.

2.  The Forum’s Directorate in the territory of  TEC RUSSIA.

From June 19 to July 5, the Forum’s Directorate will be working in pavilion D of TEC RUSSIA.

The Directorate will comprise the following divisions and services:

•    Exhibition department;
•    Technical directorate and engineering service;
•    Advertising service;
•    Directorate cash office;
•    Match-making zone;
•    Participant’s bag pick-up

In case of any questions and inquiries, please address the reception desk in pavilion D.

Originals of signed contracts and additional agreements on services provision should be submitted to the Directorate’s office in 2 copies (if you haven’t provided originals earlier) during the Forum.

Closing documents
(original bills, certificates, invoices) can be collected from June 28 until July 01, 2012, between 10:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m. Contact person – Maksim Romanenko. 

You can receive the participant’s bag, diploma, and the Forum’s catalog from the Forum’s Directorate from June 28 until July 01, between 10:00 a.m. - 05:00 p.m.

You can have your business-trip certificate registered at the cash office of the Forum’s Directorate from June 25 until June 30 and July 01, between 9.30 a.m. - 06.00 p.m.

For making payments at the cash office in the territory on the Forum, it is necessary to have an original power of attorney from your company. A model power of attorney for depositing cash to the cash office of Aviasalon JSC is posted on page 24 of the Participant’s Manual. Payment can be made with a bank card or cash at the cash office of the Directorate (pavilion D).  

3.   Registration Center of the Forum ET 2012.

Passes to the Forum ET 2012 can be collected at the administrative building of Aviasalon JSC at: 2a Garnaeva St, 4th floor, Zhukovsky, Moscow Region, 140182 (near control post #1 of the Gromov Flight Research Institute).

Registration Center is open June 13-29, 09-00 a.m. - 06-00 p.m.

Participants of the Forum’s exhibition and demonstration programs can receive passes after full payment under contracts according to the participation conditions for the Forum. They must also provide original documents or order free delivery through their Personal Account on the site. The Forum’s Directorate guarantees timely delivery of passes to any region of the Russian Federation only if delivery is ordered before June 20th. If you would like to pick up your pass, please provide an original power of attorney and your passport.

Companies that have outstanding invoices from Aviasalon JSC will be denied access to the Forum’s territory.

4.    For Participants that ordered equipped stands.

If you don’t have keys to the doors of standard design stands, locks to display cases and file cabinets, you can receive them at the office of the directorate of Aviasalon JSC (pavilion D).

Keys can be collected: June 25, 26, 08.00 a.m. - 07.00 p.m.

Keys should be returned: July 01, 06.00- 07.00 p.m.
                                          July 02, 08.00 a.m. - 07.00 p.m.

For security purposes, plasma panels, DVD players, coolers with water bottles, and electric equipment ordered from the Forum’s Directorate, will be installed at your stand on the last day of installation works (June 26) after 12.00 or in the morning on the first day of the Forum.
Please make sure a financially accountable representative of your company is present at the stand for acceptance procedure and acceptance certificate signing. Please don’t throw away empty water bottles (19 l).

When fastening graphic materials on the stands with a standard set of equipment, make sure to use materials that can be easily removed. After the Forum, wall panels should be cleared of graphic decoration and returned in their original state.

In the event that the stand is damaged, your company will have to pay a damage fee for 100% of the equipment cost.

Use of the furniture and equipment of neighboring stands is prohibited.

5.   For Participants that ordered telephone and Internet.

If you have ordered a telephone and the Internet, please make sure there is a cable connection to your stand. You can get a telephone/fax machine at the Directorate’s office (pavilion D) on the last day of installation. Telephone numbers and Internet settings will be provided to you by the employees of a respective service during installation period.

6.   Security

Rental payment for the leased area includes the security for the Exhibition Complex. For the safety of the exhibits and personal items, it is necessary to have a representative from your company present at the stand/open site/chalet during the Forum from the time it opens until everything is removed and the pavilions are locked by the security guards.
When the Forum is open for visitors, your stand (valuable exhibits, laptops, cell phones, personal items, etc.) should remain under your employees’ care. The Forum’s Directorate is not responsible for any lost items during this period.

Individual security for the stand can be requested through your Personal Account on the Forum’s site.

7.    echnical connections

ATTENTION: The Forum’s Directorate provides technical connection for standard equipment ordered through your personal account as the Forum’s participant.  During the Forum, hoses should be connected to the Exhibitor’s equipment and all connections should be maintained by your company specialists or the constructor of your stand.
Power supply to the stands will be provided only during the Forum. During installation and disassembly, participants (or constructors) should use tools that get power supply from accumulators, or they should bring a professional extension cord and plug it into the sockets in the pavilions. It is necessary to protect the cable from mechanic damages.

8.    Additional orders

Orders submitted by participants after June 19 during installation or the Forum, will be received only in the event there is a possibility to process them and after all the other orders are fulfilled. They will be received with a 100% extra fee. Payment for additional services requested at the Forum should be made immediately in the Directorate’s pavilion (D) with cash in rubles or with a credit card. If the services that were ordered and paid for are cancelled by the participant, the funds will not be refunded.  

9.    Tickets to demonstrations

The Forum’s participants that are not entitled to attending demonstrations can obtain tickets to the Program “Legendary and Invincible”:
-    Advance sale – from an official ticket agent of the Forum
-    From June 27 until July 1 – at the check point of the Exhibition Complex and in pavilion C in the Forum’s territory.
We wish you successful work at the Forum!

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