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R-Chemcomposite Holding at the Forum

According to the representatives of RT-Chemcomposite Holding, for the first time the Holding will present parts and components made from composite materials for the next-generation passenger aircraft MS-21 at the Forum “Engineering Technologies 2012.”

It will also exhibit composite hydrocarbon fiber plastic stringer panels of the fin and stabilizer of MS-21. At present, the company is developing technologies for manufacturing these items. It is expecting to manufacture the first full-size prototypes of these units by 2013. RT-Chemcomposite representatives note that Joint Stock Company “United Aircraft Corporation” (UAC) expressed strong interest in engaging the Holding’s enterprises as designers and suppliers of a number of other components for the aircraft MS-21, including the nose radiolucent dome, silicated and organic windows of the cockpit and passenger cabin.

RT-Chemcomposite will also present at the Forum sound-suppressing panels made from modern composite materials and commercially produced for aircraft engines. Today, the Holding has a developed technology and commercial production of sound-suppressing panels for the new engine SaM-146 for the passenger aircraft Sukhoi Superjet-100. The Holding has a vast expertise in this area which will serve as a foundation for development and setup of serial production of sound-absorbing units, confrication coatings, composite blades, and hydrocarbon fiber plastic parts of the nacelle for the new aircraft engine PD-14M.  

Another Holding’s new product is the composite armor panels designed jointly with JSC KamAZ. The cooperation between these two companies resulted in a complex solution, which is a mathematical apparatus for design and research of the optimal multilayer armor. A new protection solution was developed based on this new design. It is one of the top classes of protection with 1 sq m weighing only 58 kg. The specimen was tested successfully, when a few close hits of high-energy bullets did not cause puncturing. “The test has proven the correctness and successfulness of the scientific approach to the problem,” stated the representatives of the enterprise.

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