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The meeting of the organizing committee of the Second International Forum "Engineering technologies – 2012" took place on April 12 in the Ministry of Industry and Technologies of the Russian Federation. The meeting was chaired by Denis Manturov, acting Minister of Industry and Trade, the head of the organizing committee.

According to the information presented by Michail Kalimanov, the Deputy Head of Director of the External Relations Department of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, in July 2011 the Government of the Russian Federation issued a directive on the organization of the "Engineering technologies – 2012" Second International Forum. The organizing committee has been formed and it started to work on the plan made to provide for the efficient organization of the Forum.

Organizing committee meeting hall


Alexander Levin, 
Director of
"Engineering technologies –
Alexander Levin, the Director of the "Engineering technologies – 2012" Forum, informed the participants of the meeting on the progress of work under the guidance of the Forum directorate. Thus, today two new exhibition brands have been declared: the "Oboronexpo" International Show of Weapons and Military Equipment and the "Mashpromexpo" International Show of Industrial Technologies and Innovations. Despite the fact that the Forum is a new event the largest Russian enterprises and corporations have already confirmed their participation in this new show. Among the participants we see the "Rostechnologii" State Corporation, "United Aircraft Building Corporation" OJSC, "Russian Railways" OJSC, "Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey" OJSC, "OPC "Oboronprom" OJSC, "NPK "Uralvagonzavod" OJSC, "Cargo trucks GAZ group" LLC, "mZ" OJSC, "AvtoVAZ" OJSC and many other companies. The organizing committee has also received applications from the leading enterprises of France, India, China, Italy and other countries. In addition to the participants from the leading companies of the engineering and adjacent branches the collective expositions will be presented from the Samara, Smolensk and Ryazan regions as well as Perm territory. The combined exposition shall be organized by the Moscow Government. The Volgograd, Nizhny Novgorod, Lipetsk, Astrakhan and Ivanov regions have not yet determined the form of their participation in this Forum.
Alexander Levin has drawn special attention to the rules of procedure at the Forum that will include for the first time the media-day. "High technologies – the governing conditions for the steady development of the engineering in the national economies" plenary meeting will become the key event of business program in which the top leaders of the Russian Federation plan to take part. The organizing committee also plans to hold a number of conferences, round tables including international participation.

According to the traditions established in the "Engineering technologies – 2010" Forum we plan a large-scale specialized show of the military, special and non-military engineering as part of "Invincible and legendary" military-patriotic program during the public days on June 30 and July 1 on the "Russia" training range.

The participants of the meeting have considered the questions of the interdepartmental coordination of work aimed at the preparation of the Forum.

The next meeting of the organizing committee is scheduled for the second half of May.

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