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Welcome speech of Andrey Vorobyov


The Governor
of Moscow region

Andrey Vorobyov
Dear Friends!

I am glad to greet all guests, exhibitors and organizers of the International Forum Engineering Technologies 2014.

For the third time the largest branch forum gathers its participants in Moscow region s town of Zhukovsky one of the leading aviation scientific towns of Russia. Holding such a large-scale and representative activities in the Moscow region becomes a sign and a good tradition.

Conferences, round tables, the exhibition of defense technologies and demonstration area of the forum will ensure the effective and useful exchange of experience between the leading Russian and foreign research centers, to give new impetus to the development of high-tech industries, attract investments in the domestic machine building. I am sure that the exhibition and the developments of design offices and enterprises of Moscow region again will cause great interest among the visitors and experts.

I wish all the participants of the forum fruitful work and new discoveries.

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