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Provision of accreditation

Accreditation of journalists
International Forum «Engineering Technologies 2010»
(June 30 - July 4, 2010, Zhukovsky, Moscow region)

1. General provisions.
Provision of accreditation of journalists to the International Forum «Engineering Technologies 2010» (hereinafter referred to as Forum) was developed to guarantee the transparency of work of the exhibition, to provide extensive media coverage concerning the work of the exhibition, prompt cooperation with mass media.

2. Accreditation to Forum can be given to officially registered Russian and foreign mass media.
Number of accredited journalists allowed form one mass media:
Specialized editions - not more than 5 persons;
Social political and business editions - not more than 5 persons;
Television - on individual request;
Radio - not more than 2 persons;
Information agencies - not more than 3 persons;
Internet editions - not more than 2 persons.

3. Accreditation card (hereinafter referred to as Media pass).
3.1. Media pass is a document that proves accreditation of a certain journalist to Forum. It is valid only on presentation of ID (Passport). Media pass is valid during the whole working period of the exhibition.
3.2. Media pass can be given on the ground of the letter written on the official editorial letterhead signed by the immediate supervisor affixed with the seal or with the stamp of the press body, radio station or information agency.
Any other accreditation cards and service certificates for work on the exhibition are considered invalid.
3.3. In case of receiving Media passes per procurationem, the authorized representative bears responsibility for their safety from receipt.
3.4. Media pass enables:
- to travel by special free-of-charge bus from the car parking lot the railway stations "Platform Otdyh", to the territory of the exhibition and return during the working days of Forum;
- to visit display zones, chalet and Press center.

4. Accreditation order.
4.1. Accreditation starts on May 20, 2010 and ends on June 20, 2010. In case of late application (after June 20, 2010) the Directorate of Forum doesn't guarantee the provision of media pass;
4.2. Filled in application has to be sent to the Press center;
4.3. Decision on accreditation is made within 5 days on receipt of the application;
4.4. Head of the Press center has the right to refuse the application in the following cases:
- provision of incorrect information (in this case the application is returned for corrections/ additions of the provided information;
4.5. Personal accreditation of editions of Media occurs only after acknowledgement by the Forum press centre accreditation status of mass-media.

5. Main areas of work with accredited journalists.
5.1. Journalists accredited to Forum for prompt media coverage of the exhibition are:
- preliminary informed about date, time and place of press-conference on the official web-site of Forum in the section "Announcements";
- provided with informational and advertising materials about the Exhibitors of Forum and the work of the exhibition;
- invited to participate in briefings, press-conferences, meetings concerning activities of the Directorate, Organization Committee and Exhibitors of Forum;
- rendered assistance in organization of individual meetings and negotiations with members of the Directorate, Organization Committee and Exhibitors of Forum.
5.2. Accreditation doesn't guarantee journalists their immediate presence in events during visits of the official establishment. Order of the special accreditation of journalists in case of visits of the official establishment of Russia or foreign countries is formed according to the Law of the Russian Federation "About mass media", and according to requirements of services that are responsible for preparation and holding of the concrete event. Contact the Press Service of the corresponding organizations for accreditation to such events.

6. Rights of the accredited journalists.
6.1. Accredited journalists have the right:
- to receive information about upcoming conferences, meetings, press-conferences and other events beforehand;
- to see informational and reference materials released by the Directorate of Forum;
- to attend open events (conferences) in board rooms or specially equipped halls (with the exception of events mentioned in c. 5.2 of this Provision);
- to use technical equipment necessary for audio, video and photo recording;
- to attend briefings, press-conferences and other events that are specially organized for journalists by Forum Press center;
- to use office equipment in Forum Press center (telephones, faxes, Xeroxes, computers, Internet etc.).

7. End of accreditation.
7.1. Reasons for end of accreditation:
-discharge of the journalist from the editorial office (in this case the editorial office has a right to accredit another journalist after handing in the previous media pass);
-discontinuance of the activity of mass media represented by the journalist;
-decision of mass media about dismissal of the journalist from the coverage of Forum or about replacement of one journalist to another (based on the official notification);

8. Deprivation of accreditation.
8.1. Journalist can be deprived of accreditation in the following cases:
- interference of journalist in the order of events;
- dissemination of false information.
8.2. Decision about deprivation of journalist of accreditation is taken by the Head of Forum Press center. The decision must be motivated, formalized in written form, include references to the applicable legislation concerning mass media. The Directorate sends official notification to the editorial office of mass media, from which the journalist was accredited, not later than 2 days after the decision has been taken. As soon as the decision has been taken the media pass is considered invalid and must be returned to Forum Press center.
8.3. For settlement of disputed situations connected with accreditation questions, the journalist or his editorial office can turn to the Head of Forum Press center.
8.4. In case of undefended refusal of accreditation and violation of rights of the accredited person, the journalist has the right to turn to the Directorate for explanation;
8.5. The Directorate and Forum Press center doesn't bear responsibility for deprivation of accreditation, equipment and other material values that have been confiscated by security for safety reasons. Journalist has the right to send a letter of complaint describing the actions of security to Forum Press center and to the police division at Forum.

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