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June 30 July 4, 2010

Dear Colleagues,
Please note:

Accreditation for the Forum is organized in two stages. The first one is filling in an application for accreditation of your mass media. The application form is to be filled in until June 15.

The second stage is personal accreditation of your mass-media employees. It takes place after confirmation of mass media accreditation status by the Forum press center. The application form is to be filled in until June 20.

1. Only officially registered mass media, i.e. mass-media having the license of the Federal Agency for Print and Mass Media, have the right to be accredited for the Forum.

2. Accreditation does not apply to employees of advertising and other commercial departments.

3.Filling in the forms with personal data of staff could be possible only by receiving confirmation of the accreditation for your Mass Media.

4. Filling in the field contact person e-mail in the application for accreditation is mandatory since this e-mail address will be used for replying about the possibility of your mass media accreditation, and in case of its confirmation for sending further information on the procedure of personal accreditation of employees.
Please, do not provide more than one address.

5. If your employees are not citizens of Russia, Ukraine or Belarus, the application for accreditation of your mass media is filled in the English section of our website.
If not only foreign citizens are among your employees are, but also citizens of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, the application for accreditation of your mass media should be filled in both in the English and Russian sections of our website. At the second stage of accreditation foreign employees fill in their data in the English section, and employees citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in the Russian section.

Questions visa support are under the authority of the official partner of the Forum, Expo Travel Group company.
Please, contact Repina Ekaterina, Volkova Marina, Mamontova Svetlana:
tel. +7 (499) 155 7873
+7 (499) 151 2681
fax: +7 (499) 151-26-81
cell: +7-916-523-96-87

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