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Buildup regulations

 Form 1 Contract (~ 110 kb) 
 Form 1A Report of the conformity of the technical documentation (~ 40 kb)   


Dear Forum participants and stand mounting companies!

We draw your attention to the work conditions on the territory of the TEC "Russia".
1. Additional technical service order (see the Tech. Forms T1-T10) is conducted on the basis of a Proforma-Invoice. The given services can be ordered through the Exhibition event organizer as well as directly through the Forum Technical Directorate.
2. Access to the territory. Access to the Forum territory during the mounting, dismantling and holding periods of the Forum is provided on the presentation of passes, in accordance with the time period stated on these, upon the presentation of an ID.
3. Vehicle access onto the Forum territory during the mounting/dismantling periods is provided for a fee and on a pass presentation basis.
Attention: the maximum available vehicle stay time on the Forum territory is 4 hours.
You can receive a more detailed information from the official Forum expeditor - the "Expo-M" company:
Eleonora Nikitova
Contact phone numbers:

4. Loading-unloading works conducted with the use of lifting mechanisms are only conducted by the means and specialists of the "Expo-M" company.
5. Stand buildup. All stand buildup, decorative design and additional exhibition equipment mounting works are only conducted by the General Contractor - the "Expolink" company.
Involvement of third-party builders for the mounting/dismantling works by the Participant is only possible on non-standard stands and chalets and upon the availability of agreed project documentation.
In case you are handing the building, electrical and decorative design works to a third-party company, be sure to provide them with the stand project documentation agreement order.

Documents required for technical documentation agreement:

- Original certificate of concordance to the international GOST R ISO 9000 standards (the original document is subject to return) or a notarially verified copy of the given documents
- Exhibition Participant's warrant on the building of a stand/chalet on the Participant's letterhead
- A letter containing the name of the company for which the stand is being constructed with a list of the equipment and materials subject to move-in/move-out
- Stand project including isometric drawings and stand views
- Detailed stand plan including all sizes and material types
- A stand's electrical project including voltage, peak power on each electrical unit used, electrical equipment plug-in points and general power on the stand
- Concordance certificates for all materials and constructions used on the stand buildup including the electrics and acts of material treatment by a fireproof component
- Static calculation for a power construction of a two-storey stand with an attached position plan of the construction
- Drawings of a two-storey stand including all sizes in a 1:100 scale with cross-section views, signed by the constructor and sealed by the constructing organization
- A list of electricians taking part in the stand construction (on the organization's letterhead) signed by the CEO of the building company
- A copy of the electrician's knowledge test journal
- Copies of the orders of electrical works and safety regulations responsibility assignment
- Copies of the electrician's certificates with an electrical security group no less than third with an attestation mark
- List of all mounters taking part in the mounting/dismantling works on the stand with the attached copies of the first pages of the mounter's passports
- Builder's and architect's insurance policy
- Allowance from the Special Fire Department 45 of Zhukovsky, Moscow region.

Document forms for building formalization and agreement

 Form 1 Contract (~ 110 kb) 
 Form 1A Report of the conformity of the technical documentation (~ 40 kb) 

The technical documentation is only received for consideration after agreement with the Special Fire Department 45 ( 140186, Zhukovsky, Moscow region, Garnaeva str., 1) tel.: +7 (495) 556-45-07, fax: +7 (495) 556-60-95. Contact: Sergey Burmistrov, Vjacheslav Kozlov.

Documents are accepted for consideration 10.00 - 16.00 daily (except weekends and holidays) upon preliminary appointment.

Documentation agreement contact:
Evgenia Korochenskaya
Tel.: +7 (495) 989-26-63 (156)


Documents for suspension and removing of suspended constructions inside pavilions:
 Form P-1 (construction hanging application) (~ 30 kb)

Pass formalization

Upon conclusion of a contract or accreditation at the Forum General Builder - the "Expolink" company - you are to state all the data of a responsible person from your side (name, mobile and business phone numbers, e-mail). Our manager will insert your company into a list of pass appliances and the system will automatically forward a pass formalization system login/password to the e-mail you have stated. In the e-mail there will be a link, by clicking on which the person you have stated will be able to enter the pass order system.

In order to receive the made passes your company's responsible person will have to present:

1. A warrant on the pass receipt, signed and sealed by the CEO of the organization
2. Passport
3. An assignment letter on stand construction on the Participant's letterhead
4. Badge pass formalization letter according to the electronical application, signed by the CEO and sealed with the organization's seal.

Attention to companies bringing in personnel from foreign countries and the CIS.

For foreign personnel to conduct works on the "Russia" TEC territory, it is required to present an application to the Forum Directorate nolater than 10 days prior to beginning of the construction, in which the following is to be stated:

1. Works conduction date
2. Foreign citizen's name

Passport copies of the named workers are to be applied.

Forum Technical Directorate

Tel.: +7(495) 989 2663
Fax: +7(495) 989 2664


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