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Welcome speech of Sergey Chemezov


Director General
of the State Corporation

Sergey Chemezov
Dear colleagues! Dear friends!

The Forum "Engineering Technologies - 2014" demonstrates that machine builders of Russia receiving the real support from the leadership of the country, achieve impressive results on modernization of production, increase volumes of innovative products, and as consequence, strengthen their positions on the international market.

Today, in conditions of the complicated international situation, the domestic machine-building, especially for defense enterprises, has the challenge to accelerate the development and production facilities, to conduct advanced research in the areas ensuring economic and military security of the state. The Forums specialized exhibition "Oboronexpo - 2014" is intended to show how the level of Russian industry meets the modern requirements. For the third time Forum "Engineering Technologies" will become a meeting place for representatives of international business, research and educational organizations, will provide an opportunity for developers and producers of high-tech products in Russia and foreign countries to initiate new joint projects.

I am sure that the Forum will provide a powerful impetus to the development of machine building industry, will enrich professionals invaluable experiences and perspectives. I wish participants and guests of the III International forum " Engineering Technologies -2014" the fruitful work and success in achieving their goals.

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