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The Fist Demonstration of PD-14 will be on the Forum

The representative of the ODK informs that the "Joint Engine-Building Corporation" (ODK) will represent the full-size model of the future-technology (prospective) engine PD-14 in the forthcoming Second International Forum "Engineering Technologies-2012".

This engine is designed specially for aircraft MS-21 and it is the first own Russian design in the civil engine-building field for the last twenty years. The engine production models making is carried out concurrently with mastering the new manufacturing technologies. In this case, the scientific research work blend logically in the experimental development works of creating the family of new-generation engines.

The power unit for the gas-turbine locomotive, turbine engine HK-361 manufactured by the OJSC "Kuznetsov" (the ODK division), will be represented within the corporation exposition framework. The novelty has the higher power and is ecologically purer in comparison with the diesel engine, as it operates on the natural gas.

The demonstration of know-how, used in the engine-building today, will arouse the specialist's interest. For example: OJSC "Ufa Engine Industrial Association (UMPO)" will represent the processing technique of the rotor blades and nozzle vanes made of the titanium basis intermetallic compound alloys. Its employment will permit to reduce the engine weight. As to the aircraft operating organization, it will permit to increase the aircraft payload capacity or the flight range. Production of the fan with the wide-chord blade is yet another achievement of the OJSC "UMPO". The employment of the given technology permits to reduce the weight of the fan and that of the engine as well as the noise level. OJSC "Perm Engine Company" (PMZ) will represent the production process of the applying heat resistant ceramic coating to the rotor blades and nozzle vanes which will allow to increase the service life of the engine between overhauls.

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