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Participation conditions for the Business program

Business Program: Business Program subjects  Participation conditions for the Business program


1.1. Basic documentation

The primary basic documents for participation in the Forum Business program are:
-  Form BP1 Forum Business program participation application Contract (~ 50 kb)
-  Form BP2 List of participants (~ 40 kb)
-  Form BP3 List of Events of the Business program (~ 40 kb)
-  General participation conditions for the "Engineering Technologies - 2010" International Forum (~ 300 kb)
-  Technical Forms T1-T10 (~ 300 kb)
-  Participation conditions for the Business program (this document)

1.2. Participant registration

In order to register as a Forum Business program Participant the applicant must provide the technical Directorate with a formalized participation application Contract. The application Contract is to be formalized according to the BP1 form established by the Directorate that can be found on the Forum web-site:, and is to be signed and sealed by an authorized representative of the applicant. The date of the receipt of the application by the Directorate is considered to be the date of the application submission.

A natural person is to fill the application Contract in their own name and certify it with their signature.

The final date of appliance receipt is June 1, 2010. In case of appliance Contract presentation after the given date the Directorate does not guarantee the availability of all the requested services.

The registration of Forum Business program Participants is being carried out by the Directorate only after the receipt of a formalized application Contract and registration fee payment by the Participant.
The original Contract (and all applications) is to be presented to the Directorate before June 30, 2010.

In order to solve matters occurring during preparation and holding of the Forum it is allowed to transfer files between the Directorate and the Participants by fax and e-mail.

1.3. Business program cost and payment conditions

1.3.1 Registration fee, authorizing the Participants to participate and/or visit all Forum events.

950 euro per delegate excluding VAT
The registration fee includes:
- Participation in official Forum events, visiting the plenary meetings, roundtables, conferences
- Visiting the Exhibition and Demonstration programs
- Participating at a official opening party, coffee breaks and stand-up meals on Forum events
- Forum Participant's document package
- One registered pass of the "Forum Participant" category, enabling the pass-holder to visit plenary meetings and all Forum events
- Additional pass, enabling the ass-holder to visit all Forum events with an exception of plenary meetings
- Vehicle pass of the "Forum Participant" category, enabling the bearer to use the parking lot on the Forum territory

1.3.2. Registration fee, authorizing the Participants to visit a single Forum Business program event.

250 euro per delegate for a single event, excluding VAT
The registration fee includes:
- Participating in a single Business program event, regardless of its format or duration, with an exception of plenary meetings participation is only available on the day stated in the passage documents. In case of need, participation in several events is available; the cost increases according to the number of stated events
- Visiting the Exhibition and Demonstration programs
- Participating in coffee breaks on the stated event
- Forum Business program Participant's document package

The given participation form does not presuppose visiting cost discounts.

Services stated in Forum Participant's general manual are rendered for an additional fee.

1.3.3. Registration fee is to be made before June 10, 2010

1.3.4. In case the Participant has failed to pay on time, the Forum Direction does not guarantee full service rendering.

1.3.5. In case of refusal to participate in the Forum, or unavailability to participate on the scores not depending on the Directorate, the registration fee is not to be returned.

1.3.6. All payments are made including VAT (18%)
- In Russian rubles, according to the Central Bank of Russia exchange rate on the payment day
- In Euro via bank transfer (for non-residents of Russia)
- Payment for cervices and passes, ordered during the Forum operation, can be made by cash or credit card in the General Organizer's ("Russia" TEC) cash desk located on the "Russia" transport-Exhibition complex territory.

1.4. Discounts

The Forum Directorate issues the following discounts to Business program Participants:
- A 5% discount is issued in case of an appliance for 3 or more delegates from the same organization

1.5. Contract cancellation

Contract cancellation on the Participant's initiative takes place by submitting a written notice and comes into effect immediately upon receipt by the Directorate. In the event of notice receipt after June 1, 2010 the payments made by the Participant up to date are not to be returned.
Contract cancellation on the Directorate's initiative can be carried out in the following cases:
- The appliance Contract has not been completely paid
- The Participant systematically violates the safety and order regulations
- The Participant violates General Participant's manual regulations
- The Participant has transferred the Forum participation rights to a third party without informing the Directorate in advance
In the event of Contract cancellation on the Directorate's initiative the payments made by the Participant up to date are not to be returned.

1.6. Participation in Business program events

Forum Participants willing to take part in the Business program events must present the materials to the Directorate in advance. The presupposed reports are to be approved by the Directorate beforehand. The materials are to be presented sketchy and meet the following cases:

The report must be two typewritten pages big (3600 signs, including spaces). All materials are to be presented in a digital form in MS Word format (Windows coding, font - Times New Roman, font size - 12, line spacing - single). Illustrations are not allowed.
The following data is to be presented in the given sequence:
- Topic of the Forum Business program that the Participant intends to take part in
- Performance topic
- Speaker's name and surname (full)
- Full company name and speaker's position
- Company postal address
- Phone and fax number
- E-mail address
- Report thesis text
In case the authors represent different organizations, the document is to be made up separately for each organization.
Properly formalized thesises are to be presented to Forum Directorate by on a digital data source or by e-mail: .

The Forum Directorate possesses an exclusive right of arranging and holding Business program events. In case of need, Participant companies can file an application to organize according events (conferences, roundtables etc.) within the Business program format to the Forum Directorate before May 1, 2010. The Directorate keeps the right to refuse event holding without explanation.

1.7. Holding events out of general Business program schedule.

In case a Forum Participant intends to hold a press-conference and/or a presentation, he must file an application (before 1st June 2010) to include the event into the Forum program and pay rental fees for an according space in advance. Specially equipped spaces can be rented by the Participant for the holding of stated events. The Forum Directorate keeps the right to correct the time and date of the event holding upon agreement with the Participant. The information regarding the specialized spaces, including the information regarding the installed equipment, can be found in the General Forum manual. The additional equipment list and prices are stated in the General Forum manual and its applications.


2.1. Passes.

The following categories of the passes are valid on the Forum:
- build-up period badges
- Forum period badges
- Vehicle-passes
Valid time for each category is mentioned on the badge or pass. It is not allowed to hand over the badges to other person. In case of badge application delivery or any changing later than 15th badge prises are subject for extra charge.

2.2. Badge for business program participants.

Business program participant's pass enables the pass-holder to participate all Forum events including plenary meetings, roundtables, conferences, visit the Exhibition and Demonstration programs, coffee breaks and stand-up meals on Forum events.

2.3.Vehicle passes

The following categories of the vehicle-passes are valid on the Forum:
- Forum participant
- Chalet
- Service

Vehicle driver should have personal badge besides vehicle-pass, otherwise he should stay on the Parking.
All pass/badge applications should be delivered to Forum administration before 1st June 2010.


The official Catalogue will be published to the opening of the Exhibition. Each Exhibitor, will be provided with one copy of the Catalogue. Information should be delivered to Forum administration before June 1, 2010. In case of late information submitting, Forum administration does not guarantee publishing of the information in the catalogue.

Each Exhibitor should provide the following information for publishing in the Catalogue: name of a company (English and Russian lettering if available), post address, phone and fax number, E-mail, website, brief story about the company's activities (200 signs on each language including spaces and stops). If informational entry is more than 400 signs it should be paid additionally as well as logo, advertising pages and publication in special indexed part.

You can find all Forms for Catalogue services on the web:


Upon request the Forum administration will provide Forum participants / exhibitors, business visitors with a Letter of Invitation valid for getting visa.
All persons coming to the Forum should be indicated in the lists of personnel.
The personal data must be submitted to the Forum administration not later than 1 month prior to the opening date to ensure that visa support is forwarded to the participant in time.


Direct sales of souvenirs, magazines, books, model aircraft, etc. at the Exhibitor's stands are prohibited. All sales should be provided at special trade zone of the Forum in accordance with Russian legislation and Trade regulations of the Forum.


If the Participant violates items of these General Conditions of Participation, the Forum administration has a right to withdraw the Contract. In this case the Participant is not entitled to reimbursement of the fees paid.


Forum administrations and/or Participants shall not bear responsibility for not fulfillment of obligations under the Participation contracts.


By submitting the Application for Participation and concluding the Contract for participation, the Exhibitor acknowledges these Conditions of Participation in all points. Any additional agreements, special permissions or other regulations are subject to written approval of the Forum administration.


The Law of the Russian Federation is applied to both parties of the Contract.
The parties will try to resolve conflicts through negotiations. If the conflict is not resolved, it will be submitted for legal investigation to the Arbitrage of the Moscow region.


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